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Window Glass Installation and Repair

A broken window is not only unattractive and dangerous for your home or office, it’s a pain! 

When it comes to window repair and replacements, you don’t want to settle for amateurs. Glass Doctor Minneapolis-St. Paul has trained technicians that specialize in repairing, restoring, renovating, replacing and installing glass windows.

Glass Doctor Minneapolis-St. Paul can help manage the cost of energy in your home or office by setting you up with energy-efficient windows. Our experts can talk to you about the variety of different window replacement options you have, including MI Windows.

Looking for an expert in Insulated Glass Units? 

Look no further! Glass Doctor Minneapolis-St. Paul is your local expert on IG units- windows made with at least two or more pieces of flat glass separated with an air space. Why should you choose an IG unit? Well, you can save money on your energy bill since IG units help to maintain a consistent temperature within the house; qualify for federal income tax credits; decrease condensation formation on either side of the glass; increase your home’s value and decrease the level of noise traveling inside your home from outside.

For more information on IG Units and window replacement and repair options, call Glass Doctor Minneapolis-St. Paul today at 612-355-2722.